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Author: Jeremy Moore

Grade Level: 10 - 12

Course: Calculus

GEOMETRIC TRANSFORMATIONS - Image Appications of Interpolation

Author: Jennifer Mikenas

Grade Level: 9 - 12

Courses: Algebra II, Precalculus, Trigonometry, Calculus

Lesson Summary: The Geometric Transformations lesson introduces students to the image processing methods used by many photo-editing tools when transforming images. Students use knowledge of functions to interpolate, or approximate, data by hand.  Trigonometric ratios and sinusoidal functions are applied in Octave software to resize, rotate, and warp images.

IMAGE HIDING - A Geometric Exploration

Author:  Natasha Zapata

Grade Level:  9 - 12

Course:  Geometry

Lesson Summary:      Image Hiding (Steganography) is the process of taking one image and hiding it within another image.  This is used for security purposes to protect sensitive information and to send information without detection.  This lesson relates Geometry concepts including basic definitions, conditional statements, and geometric probability to the process of Image Hiding.

Image Segmentation using K-Means Algorithm

Author:  Chinyen Chuo

Grade Level: 10 - 12

Courses: Algebra II, Pre-Calculus, Calculus

Speech Processing

Author: J. Rebecca Dowell

Grade Level:  9-12

Courses: Pre-Calculus, Trigonometry, Algebra II

Lesson Summary: This lesson introduces high school students to fundamentals of speech and sound processing. The activities consist of hands-on explorations of real-world applications using MATLAB or Octave sotware. The lessons connect real-world engineering to key concepts in high school mathematics including trigonometric functions, function operations, and complex numbers.

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